Château de Beaucastel

Beaucastel's Rhône vineyards are based on the famous rounded stones called galets that were deposited when the Rhône River raged as a torrent, tearing fragments of rocks from the Alps onto the plains. The galets soak up the intense heat during the summer ripening months and release it during the evenings.

The Perrin brothers, who are the current owners of Beaucastel's 100 hectares, do not use chemical fertilisers, preferring to use a compost made on the property from a mixture of sheep manure and the previous year's pressings (marc) which helps to maintain the soil's own natural equilibrium. Each grape variety, and there are plenty of them, is vinified separately to preserve its own highly individualistic characteristics. There then follows an intellectually inspired piece of winemaking where juice from each variety is tasted and blended to maximise the quality of each vintage.

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