Le Fonti, Chianti Classico, 2012

Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy

Le Fonti, Chianti Classico, 2012

Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy



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Grape Varietes: Sangiovese 100% Wine Style: Savoury Reds Winemaker: Paolo Caciorgna - consultant Optimum Drinking: 2016-2020 Reviewer Rating: 89 Reviewer: CFW Code: 102550 Alcohol: 13.5%
Estate Notes

Le Fonti’s exceptional Chianti Classico is made by one of our favourite consultant winemakers, Paolo Caciorgna, and comes at a knockout price. It is noticeably warmer here than other Chianti areas, the berries ripen earlier and the wines are often referred to as being Pomerol-like.

Le Fonti was bought in the mid 1950s by the Imberti family and the current owners, Franca and Ferdinando also manage a business in Milan but actively follow the work at the estate. They have invested heavily and replanted solely with Sangiovese in the 1990s, and in their search for excellence they appointed young agronomist, Lorenzo Bernini and, of course, the famed and talented oenologist Paolo Caciorgna.


"If you love the textures of Pomerol you will most certainly love the wines of Le Fonti. No, they don't taste like Pomerol, but they most decidedly feel like it." Craig Camp, Wine Camp Blog

Ample black fruits, intense toasted spice, tobacco leaf and sweet leather, with herbal and savoury notes. Good density of flavour, well balanced with fresh minerality beneath, and aromatic spicy development and finish.