Gelas, Vieil Armagnac, 1945

Bas Armagnac, Gascony, France

Gelas, Vieil Armagnac, 1945

Bas Armagnac, Gascony, France



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Grape Varietes: Ugni Blanc, Baco 22A, Folle Blanche, Colombard Wine Style: Spirits Code: 102748 Fill Level: Upper shoulder. Label Quality: Original wooden gift case.
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The Gelas family traces back to 1246, in the form of the King’s Musketeer, D’Artagnan (born Charles de Batz), but it was really not until around the middle of the 19th century that the Gélas family linked its own destiny to that of Armagnac. In 1865, Guillaume Gélas, a respected barrel maker, bequeathed his business to his son Baptiste, who in turn created the Maison Gélas. He duly moved into the premises currently occupied by the firm, and embarked on the business of making and selling Armagnacs.

After the Second World War, Pierre Gélas revolutionized his times by offering on an exclusive basis Armagnacs hailing from the terroirs or local regions of Bas Armagnac and La Ténarèze, at their natural degree of ageing, without reduction.

Today, Pierre’s son Philippe, representing the fourth generation of the Gélas family to take the reins, has been running the firm since late 2001. He is carrying on in the innovative spirit of his forebears by introducing single varietal Armagnacs.