Fondrèche, Divergente Rouge, 2015

Côtes du Ventoux, Rhône, France

Fondrèche, Divergente Rouge, 2015

Côtes du Ventoux, Rhône, France



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Grape Varietes: Syrah Wine Style: Sophisticated Spicy Reds Winemaker: Sebastien Vincenti Optimum Drinking: 2019-2028 Reviewer Rating: 95 Reviewer: Code: 102959 Alcohol: 14%
Estate Notes

Fondreche's Divergente is absolutely sensational - reminiscent of a top flight Hermitage in all but price, and are delighted to have secured a small allocation of this new, very limited production cuvée from the superstar estate of the southern Rhône.

Crafted from very rare old vine Syrah planted in 1961, the Divergente is Syrah at a level that winemaker Sebastien Vincenti has never seen before, and that is saying something from one of the World’s best winemakers.

Sébastien Vincenti and Nanou Barthélemy’s Domaine de Fondrèche is widely recognised as one of the very best producers in the Ventoux appellation. What is more, their wines remain exceptional value, despite the ever increasing fame and demand.

Winemaker Sebastien Vincenti loves his terroir and believes that his vines are stronger when treated naturally, including 100% organic manure, no chemical herbicides, and complimentary planting between rows to prevent erosion, promote microbial life and aerate the soil.


"A new cuvee that comes all from Petite Serrine vines (old Syrah) planted in 1961...Sebastien opted to bottle this cuvee separately as he’d never seen Syrah at this level. I can’t argue with him and this is one sensational looking barrel sample that’s reminiscent of a top-flight Hermitage. Offering layers of crème de cassis, crushed flowers, lots of minerality, full-bodied richness and a boatload of tannin, the only downside here will be the tiny quantities."

"...a fabulously smoky and meaty wine, a complex perfume that moves from game to violet and from grilling bacon to fresh-cracked pepper, a core of firm black fruit running through it. In the mouth this does not let up, a silkiness of texture despite a hefty tannin framework (that should see it age well), but that meatiness and the freshness of the cherry-pit acidity balances beautifully. A twist of bittersweet liquorice adds to the intrigue in a truly fabulous wine. Very limited quantities made, and obviously limited availability." Tom Cannavan,