Argentina fine wine

Argentina is the largest wine producing country in South America, and is renowned for its fine red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon; Malbec; Merlot; Pinot Noir; Sangiovese; Syrah, and Tempranillo.

Argentina is particularly synonymous with fine Malbec wines. The variety is widely planted and most notably grown in the Mendoza region, where a long, dry growing seasoning helps soften its thick, tannin-rich skins. High diurnal temperature ranges (hot days and cool nights) help produce ripe, concentrated grapes, while retaining freshness. Many estates are situated at altitude, where low humidity keeps vineyards practically pest free. Achaval Ferrer is one of the finest Malbec producers in the Mendoza.

Italian immigrants originally planted many of Argentina’s vineyards in the 19th century, and over 90% of Argentinean wine is produced in the Cuyo region, encompassing Mendoza and San Juan. Mendoza is the most important region in terms of quantity and quality.

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