Fine Wine shipping

We are absolutely delighted to see that wine import papers on any EU wines entering the UK (which were due to take effect on July 1st) have been delayed by the UK government. This comes as a great relief, especially as Brexit has already seen an increase in costs to shipping, and that selling wine into Europe has become more arduous since the 1st January of this year.

So, while this is great news for us at Cadman Fine Wines (and all those involved in shipping, distributing and selling wine in the UK, and small wine producers), we are particularly thrilled for our customers. We shall be importing a raft of fine new wines from France, Italy and Spain over the coming months, and it was feared that price rises would also ensue and supply lines would be impacted before the deadline as importers panic-bought up stock, just as we are all trying to get back on our feet with the pandemic.

However, what would be even better would be that the idea of certificates should be scrapped altogether, and there is growing pressure for this on ministers by wine trade officials. (The new deadline is currently set at the end of this year for the certificates, which are basically 'simplified' VI-1 import forms required for non-EU countries.) It is estimated that around 55% of the UK's wine imports are from the EU, and we like to think that we carry the finest of these wines!