Celebrating 70 Years of Penfold Grange

Penfolds Grange celebrates 70 years this year after it was first created back in 1951 when the estate's legendary chief winemaker at the time, Max Schubert, began experimenting with the idea of making a long-lived red wine called Grange. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, or rather earlier this month, and rather fittingly in its anniversary year, a bottle of 1951 Grange set a new world record price for a bottle of Australian wine at Langton's Penfolds Rewards of Patience sale auction; a Melbourne investor paying a record £55 576 (there are a known 21 bottles of 1951 Grange currently in circulation).

Penfolds Grange is officially listed as a heritage icon of South Australia; a fine red wine of extraordinary dimension and power, and justifiably Australia's most prestigious red wine.

The origins of the Penfolds estate are set firmly in the medical sphere, and its reputation built up over the course of the 19th century based on the production of wines which were prescribed to patients by Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold who had settled in South Australia from Brighton in 1844. From the 1940s onwards the focus shifted in favour of producing table wines.