Krug, 1995

Champagne, Champagne, France

Krug, 1995

Champagne, Champagne, France



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Grape Varietes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier Wine Style: Champagne & Sparkling Winemaker: Henri Krug Optimum Drinking: 2016-2025 Reviewer Rating: 98 Reviewer: Wine Spectator Code: 102427 Label Quality: Pristine condition (original gift cartons)
Estate Notes

1995 was an excellent Champagne vintage. It was also the first year considered good enough for vintage wines since 1990, and a welcome relief for many growers and Champagne houses.

From the grape to the glass, Krug Champagne is nurtured with painstaking care and attention to detail. Krug's passionate commitment to craftsmanship, defined by a series of uncompromising choices which, taken together, create a taste and a style that is as legendary as it is unique.

Please note: each bottle is in pristine condition and comes in an original gift carton.


"Delicate. Intense aromas of ginger, citrus, candied berry and multigrain bread turn to honey, roasted almonds and graphite on the palate. It's all underscored by a precise structure and creamy texture. Its structure keeps it persistent through the long finish. A picture of precision and intensity." Wine Spectator

“I have a preference for the 1995 Brut Vintage, as it shows quite a bit more freshness and verve than the 1998. Mint, dried flowers, truffles and bright fruit are some of the nuances that flow from this precise, focused Champagne. The vibrant, refreshing finish makes it impossible to resist a second taste. Among recent vintages, the 1996 has rightly received a ton of attention here, while the 1995 is likely to remain an insider’s wine that is available at more favorable pricing.”